Section 1. The President shall act as the Chief Executive Officer of the Broward Football Officials Association (BFOA). The President shall preside at all meetings of the BFOA general membership and the Executive Board. The President shall have the authority to call a meeting of the Executive Board or of the General Membership. The President shall carry out all usual duties of this office and has authority to suspend members temporarily when events warrant such action pending review and action by the Executive Board.


Section 1 The Vice President, in the absence or incapacity of the President is vested with the powers and duties of the President. This individual shall perform all other duties as may from time to time be assigned by the President or the Executive Board.

Section 2 The Vice President shall have the authority to call a meeting of the Executive Board or of the General Membership with the approval of the Secretary and Treasurer of Executive Board.


Section 1. The Secretary must keep accurate minutes of all Executive Board meetings and all general meetings of the association and insure they are posted to the website in a timely manner for all members to view. He/She will maintain accurate records for association and produce the same as needed by the Executive Board or the membership. The Secretary will supervise the taking of attendance at general meetings. The Secretary will supervise the distribution of publications and supplies.

Section 2. May appoint an assistant secretary to assist him/her in the performance of his/her duties, subject to approval from the Executive Board.


Section 1. The Treasurer shall collect and have charge of all fees and dues.

Section 2. Shall be responsible for the accounting of the financial affairs and assets of the association and shall submit a comprehensive annual report of receipts and expenditures and bank balances. Shall report to the Executive Board the monthly financial status of the Association.


Section 1. The Members at Large shall be responsible for attending duly-called meetings of the Executive Board. The Members at Large shall perform duties as assigned by the President or Executive Board.


Section 1. The Executive Board will consist of the elected officers of the association and will serve the governing body of the BFOA.

Section 2. The Executive Board will appoint an Evaluation Committee, Assignment Committee, Recommendation Committee, Grievance Committee and Training and

Development Committee and any others as may from time to time be deemed necessary. These committees will have membership composition, duties and responsibilities as defined in the FHSAA Officials Guidebook. The term of appointments to committees shall expire each year on December 31st. This provision shall not be interpreted as limiting the number of years, or consecutive years that any member may serve on these, or any other committee. The Board retains the right to dismiss any committee or any committee appointee when deemed necessary.

Section 3 The Executive Board, with recommendations from the Evaluation Committee, has the

responsibility for establishing and implementing the guidelines for evaluation of member officials

Section 4. The Executive Board shall have power to fine, suspend or expel from the association any member in violation of the Constitution, By-Laws, Guidelines, Rules of Conduct, or Code of Ethics as established and published by the FHSAA. The BCAA Booking Commissioner shall be notified, in writing, of all such disciplinary actions or recommendations.

Section 5. Officials assessed penalties by the Executive Board may appeal the penalties to the Executive Board in accordance with the procedures adopted in the BFOA Guidelines. Until the appeal is resolved, the member remains in good standing and may continue to work assigned contests and receive new assignments.

• Appeals to the Executive Board must be made in writing within 48 hours of notification to the official.

• Members may appeal any penalty imposed by the BFOA Executive Board to the Grievance Committee, according to the procedures established by the Grievance Committee.

Section 6. A disciplined member who does not obtain reversal of an Executive Board imposed sanction from the general membership shall have the right to seek a review by the FHSAA for final adjudication, in accord with procedures established by that organization.

Section 7. The Executive Board shall meet a minimum of once per month. An agenda shall be established prior to each meeting. Minutes of each meeting shall be posted on the association website once they have been approved at the subsequent meeting


Section 1. BFOA members deemed not to be in good standing with the BCAA, BFOA or FHSAA are prohibited from being assigned or officiating any BCAA/BFOA games.


Section 1. All members of the BFOA will be ranked by a system as described in the BFOA Guidelines

Section 2. The Evaluation Committee will evaluate officials transferring into the BFOA from out of state or another FHSAA association.


Section 1. Members in good standing with the FHSAA will be granted membership in the BFOA. Members must register each year with the FHSAA online at

Section 2. Admission into the BFOA membership shall be applied for on the BFOA mandated application form. The membership year shall begin on July 1 and will end on June 30 of the following year.

Section 3. Members must register each year with the BFOA. Each member shall pay annual dues to the BFOA. The amount shall be set by the Executive Board

Section 4. Approval of membership shall be granted upon certification of registration with the FHSAA and BFOA and when fees, fines and dues established and/or approved by the BCAA and BFOA have been paid in full. This includes any fines, dues and/or fees outstanding from the previous year(s). Members must comply with all requirements listed in the FHSAA Officials Guidebook, the BFOA Constitution and By-Laws and the BFOA Guidelines established by the Executive Board.

Section 5. BFOA members are permitted to join and participate in officiating interscholastic football games with other FHSAA sanctioned associations. Officials who make the BFOA their primary association will receive priority over those who list the BFOA as their secondary association

Section 6. Members must comply with the “Rules of Conduct” in the FHSAA Officials Guidebook.

Section 7. Members must be in compliance with Broward County Public School Security Clearance Requirements.


Section 1. A quorum for a meeting will constitute 1/3(33%) of the general membership in good standing.

Section 2. The Executive Board shall establish an attendance policy and state that policy in the BFOA Guidelines.

Section 3. The President shall establish the Order of Business at all meetings.

Section 4. Robert’s Rules of Order (revised) shall control all parliamentary questions in the conduct of BFOA business.


Section 1. There shall be no suspension of the By-Laws.


Section 1. The By-laws will be automatically amended to comply with any newly enacted requirements of the FHSAA.

Section 2. Any member in good standing may sponsor an amendment to the By-Laws. A preliminary draft of a proposed amendment must be submitted to the Secretary, at least 7 days prior to the next General Membership meeting. If approved by the Executive Board, the proposed amendment(s) shall be presented on the agenda at the next regular or special general membership meeting for discussion only. The proposed amendment will then be presented to the membership for approval at the following General Membership meeting or by internet balloting. The proposed amendment must be approved by 2/3 vote of a quorum (1/3 of the members in good standing) of the general membership. Approved amendments are effective immediately.

Section 3. If a proposed amendment is not approved by the Executive Board to be placed on the agenda for discussion, a member in good standing may still have the proposed amendment placed on the agenda of the next General Meeting for discussion by submitting a petition signed by fifty-percent, plus one, of the members in good standing with the association. The petition and proposed amendment must be delivered to the Secretary at least 7 days prior to the next General Meeting. Following discussion, the proposed amendment will then be placed on the agenda of the following General Meeting to be voted on by the members. A majority of 2/3 of a quorum of the General Membership is required for adoption of a proposed amendment.


Section 1. As provided in Article VI, Section 2 of these By-Laws, the Recommendation Committee will be appointed by the Executive Board in accordance with FHSAA guidelines.

Section 2. The Recommendation Committee will present the details of their criteria for selection to the general membership at a General membership meeting no later than September 30th of the current year. The Committee must also follow guidelines as set forth by the Executive Board in accordance with the BFOA Guidelines.

Section 3 The Recommendation Committee will present the recommended playoff crews to the membership for review in advance of the meeting at which a vote for approval will take place. If any member selected cannot or does not accept his/her playoff assignment, the Recommendation Committee will designate a replacement prior to final submission to the FHSAA. The Committee will adhere to all stated FHSAA selection and deadline criteria as well as BFOA Guidelines in choosing the state series playoff crews.